Caggins: We'll continue to work with SDF in fight against ISIS

Anti-ISIS Coalition spokesperson Colonel Myles Caggins said they will continue to work with the SDF in the fight against ISIS.

Caggins: We'll continue to work with SDF in fight against ISIS


SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel, SDF Press spokesperson Mustafa Bali and Anti-ISIS Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Myles Caggins held a joint press conference today at the International Coalition base in the region between Hesekê and Til Temir.

Caggins said: "The world won't forget the contribution to world peace given by the SDF and the 11 thousand martyrs they gave in the fight against ISIS."

Caggins said that negotiations are under way on the coordination of joint action with the SDF against ISIS secret cell structures. "We are partners in the material and ideological end of ISIS. Because the end of ISIS phisically does not mean that it is finished ideologically. For this reason, we continue our strong relations with the SDF from Dêrik to Deir Ezzor."

Caggins commented about the more than 400 ISIS and Al-Nusra mercenaries which together with the Turkish state, attacked northern and eastern Syria. "Our main task is to end ISIS. However, we collect information about the mercenaries siding with Turkey in these attacks against northern and eastern Syria."

Regarding the deployment of international forces, Caggins reiterated that their mission is not border security, but that their main task is to end ISIS. "We have withdrawn our forces from the border and settled in Hesekê and the Deir Ezzor regions", said Caggins.

Asked about the use of the M4 road, Caggins said that they would use the M4 road through the SDF, but if the SDF would be engaged in defending themselves, they would use it in coordination with other forces.


SDF Press spokesperson Mustafa Bali was asked about the detainees of ISIS still in Northern and Eastern Syria prisons.

He reminded that there are still foreigner ISIS mercenaries of at least 60 nationalities and added that not only the US but all these states are responsible for the security and necessary demands of these detainees.

Bali said that "most of the detained mercenaries have begun to confess their crimes and their accomplices. However, we are concerned about the situation in a prison where 100 people stay in the same space."